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Sukhawear pants are the absolute best pair of yoga pants I have ever owned. After 15+ years of yoga, I have finally found the perfect pair of yoga pants! Comfy, cute, and, most important, they stay in place during every pose. I've owned a pair for 3 months, and I've worn them at least 30 times.

Sukhawear's yoga pants fit like a dream! I just love the bright colors and patterns the designer, Merete uses. I also receive compliments every time I wear them. I am a yoga teacher at Ginseng Yoga, San Diego, and I wear them to class each time I teach. I love being the brightest dressed person in the room, I truly believe that it makes me bring out the bright light in each student. I've been telling everyone about these pants, because I want everyone to find their special pair or pairs that fit their personalities.

As a yoga instructor, I look for leggings that are both comfortable and that fit snugly enough so that they stay put during a strenuous practice that involves lots of twists and stretches. Sukhawear leggings are just that . . . and they are so soft! These leggings are so versatile, they can go from the mat to a night out by just adding boots and a cute top. I absolutely love them!

I was on the look out for some new running leggings and I came across Sukhawear which is predominantly a yoga product but because of their funky and vibrant colors, I had to purchase a pair. And I’m so happy I bought a pair because they are without a doubt the best and most comfortable running leggings that I have ever purchased. The design, material and fit is outstanding and they can easily be used as a running legging too. I will for sure be getting another pair soon. Amazing value and quality at a great price.

Durable. Beautiful. Inspired. That’s what I think of my Sukhawear yoga pants. I happened to stumble on this beautiful new brand when I dropped in to a Mysore class in San Diego. The gorgeous prints drew me in and the quality sealed the deal. I bought several pairs on the spot. These pants are perfect for my Ashtanga yoga practice. They stay where they’re supposed to, cover what needs to be covered and are tough enough to withstand that demands of whatever asana I happen to be working on at the moment. The prints are gorgeous and the quality is outstanding. Love, love, love!